The TOHS Dance Program consists of many levels of training and performance.  We have Second Period (beginning) up to Dance Team (Advanced).  Auditions are required to enter every level.  After auditions, dancers are placed in respective classes or groups by the director and coaches.  Auditions to enter the program are held during Spring every year.  

     The Dance Team tryout is a two-part audition.  The first part consists of "across the floor" dance skills including turns and leaps.  The second part involves learning a short combination in each genre:  jazz, lyrical and hip hop.  The Dance Team requires a major commitment during the school year and summer.   

    The Dance Program curriculum offers the following classes: 

·     Period Two--Beginning Dance

·     Period Three--Intermediate Dance

·     Period Four--Intermediate to Advanced Dance

·     Period Five--Advanced Dance

·     Period Six--Dance Team

·     We also have a relatively new group called Technique For Team (TFT).  It is an option for dancers who want to be trained for the Dance Team.  TFT members usually take Period Five Dance and have additional outside practices.  Being a TFT member does not guarantee entry onto the Dance Team.  

·     All-Male Team

·     Hip Hop Team

     Our program strives to accommodate every level and train our dancers to be the best they can be!