Quick Updates:

Our Car Wash on 9/15/12 was a success!  Thanks to everyone for participating. 

Dance Team to get ready for Dancing With The T.O. Stars.  

Another busy week, dancers! 


August 27-31, 2012 
Monday, August 27:

  6:30-9:30pm:  TFT with Mariah

  • Tuesday, August 28:

  Team morning practice
8:30-9:30am:  GAR (team formations for NPHS performance)
  9:30-10:00am: travel to NPHS
  10:00-12:00pm: meet with NPHS for football perf. practice

  • Wednesday, August 29:

  First Day of School---YIPPEE!
  Class (6th Period): short class, don't dress 
  7:00-9:00pm:  all male

  • Thursday, August 30:

  Lunch 12:30:  Captain's meeting/calendar
  Class (6th Period): competition routine review
  6:00-7:00pm:  team technique
  7:00-8:00pm:  football review; large dance
  8:00-8:30pm:  small lyrical and medium lyrical
  8:30-9:00pm:  coed team practice--Dana
  7:00-9:00pm:  TFT (place TBD)

  • Friday, August 31: 

  Class (6th Period): RR  

  August 20-25, 2012 

Monday, August 20:

  5:00 – 6:15:    Illusions with Alexia
  6:15 - 7:30:     Illusions
  7:30–9:30:      TFT GAR with Mariah

Tuesday, August 21: 

  6:00- 9:00pm :  coed team practice

Wednesday, August 22:

  9:30 – 12:30:   Small lyrical with Mike

  HH team practice for Freshman orientation

Thursday, August 23:     

  5:00am Coed team meet for bus. Travel to Sacramento.

  HHteam freshman orientation practice

  TFT practice 7:30 – 9:30:  GAR with Mariah

Friday, August 24:            

  Coed team in Sacramento and HHteam with freshman orientation…

Saturday, August 25:        

  Coed team returns from Sacramento

August 13-17, 2012 MINI CAMP @ GAR

  Monday-Solo auditions

  Tues-Weds:  Auditions for small, medium group dances

Sunday, August 5

  Leave for optional WCE Camp @ Glendale Hilton

Monday, August 6

  WCE Camp continues

  5:00-6:15 Illusions with Alexia @ GAR

  6:15-7:30 Illusions with Alexia @ GAR

  7:30-9:30 TFT cancelled

Tuesday, August 7

  WCE Camp last day  

  2:00-3:30 Ballet with Jamie @ GAR

  3:30-4:00 Pointe @ GAR

  7:00-9:00pm Team practice (for those who didn't go to WCE)*

  If you went to WCE you are not required to attend practice

  It's up to you

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

  2:00-3:30 Ballet with Jamie @ GAR

  3:30-4:00 Pointe @ GAR

  4:00-5:15 Hip Hop Team dance

  5:30-7:00 Guest Teacher with Jia 

  7:00-9:00 All male  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

  2:00-3:30 Ballet with Jamie 

  3:30-4:00 Pointe

  4:00-6:00pm TFT Hip Hop (new time in GAR)

  7:30-9:30 TFT Jazz with Mariah 

Friday, August 10, 2012

  9:00am-1:00pm Team practice